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Keep your bathroom looking fresh and new with our cleaning recommendations.

Regular cleaning will keep the product’s luster and to maintain this look rinse with water and dry with a soft cotton cloth. Never use any abrasive products, acidic detergent or harsh cleaners.

In case of thick sediments clean the surface of your tapware with water and a soft cotton cloth and use mild liquid detergent or diluted citric solution.

After it is clean, rinse the tapware again with water to thoroughly remove the cleaner and dry it with a soft cotton cloth.

Download Tapware cleaning instructions here.

The best time to clean your bathroom surfaces is immediately after use while the dirt is still soft. Only use a sponge or soft cloth for cleaning. Soapy, using mild liquid detergent can help to get your products clean. Rinse the surface well with clean water and finish the cleaning process by making sure the surface is completely dry.

As a rule, always use a microfiber cloth to dry the surfaces so as to prevent hard water spots from forming.

Always comply with the action times specified on the packaging of the detergents and do not use different products at the same time. It is advisable not to use any type of abrasive detergent, alcohol-based detergent or strong acidic/alkaline detergents (e.g. detergents containing hydrofluoric acid or basic solutions such as caustic soda), nitrous solvents and acetone.

To make sure that ceramic retains its properties unaltered over time, wash it on a regular basis with water and a non-abrasive bleach-based detergent (gel, cream or spray), using a soft sponge to remove soap residues and prevent the formation of limescale. While cleaning the interior of the toilet bowl, always leave the seat and cover raised to prevent the fumes from damaging the surface of these parts.

Limescale deposits may be removed with white vinegar or other vinegar based products.

For White, Coloured, Matte and Glossy ceramic ware, cleaning procedures and products are the same.

We recommend to regularly wipe over your handles with a clean woolen cloth to keep your handles in excellent condition.

To download the Cleaning & Care Instructions for Mirrors and Mirror Cabinets go to our Technical Information page here.

Download PARISI Toilet Cleaning and Care Instructions here.