Flaminia Colour Collections

Ceramica Flaminia is an Italian company specialising in manufacturing sanitary ware and bathroom furniture in ceramics. The company was founded in 1955 as a craft enterprise and all products were entirely made by hand.
With a flare and appreciation for design that epitomises the Italian way of life, Ceramica Flaminia are at the forefront in working with some of the world’s best known and renown designers like, Ludovica & Roberto Palomba, Capellini and Angeletti-Ruzza just to name a few. The talented in-house Flaminia design team also contribute to the creation of new products, trends and colours in bathroom product design.
Focusing on innovation to create high-end products for the bathroom, efficiency, quality and ongoing research make the Flaminia trademark one of the most prestigious ambassadors of Italian know-how, well-known and appreciated everywhere in the world. Proudly made in Italy for over 60 years.
Pictured left - App bench basin in colour Nuvola.
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Roll Basins

The ribbon-like wash basin Roll designed by Nendo, with a name that clearly defines its unusual shape that imagines a coiled paper ribbon. Roll, is the creation of the original team of Japanese designers lead by old Oki Sato, and a result of an eclectic and ingenious creativity that does not overlook the functional aspect of the objects.

MonoRoll is the freestanding version of the Roll basin. The collaboration with the Nendo team of Japanese designers lead by Oki Sato continues with a free-standing basin Monoroll. An elegant object with an intriguing shape and strong personality that affects the surrounding space. Though born as free-standing basin, it can be fixed to the wall as can many other basins with the Flaminia collections.

Available in eye-catching bi-colour options and refined finishes metal/bicolour finishes the Roll and Monoroll washbasins by Nendo hark back to the aesthetics of Art Deco and provide a new bold colour inspiration.

Available in 9 different colour finishes, two metal finishes and white/black bi-colour. Explore the collection.

Nuda Basins

NudaFlat, the brain child of Ludovica & Roberto Palomba, is a range of basins with a geometrical shape without a rigid definition, pure and sensual emphasising the female form.‎ Characterised by wide basins and available in three different sizes, with or without a tap ledge, the Nuda basins can be installed in pairs, wall hung or bench mount.‎

NudaSlim is an evolution of the Nuda range, the proportions and sizes are new: the thickness of the profiles have been reduced, in keeping with current trends, but always within reason, so as to give the ceramic material the importance it deserves in terms of visual impact and pleasure to the touch.‎ Available in 11 beautiful colours.

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Pictured below left – NudaFlat wall mounted basin in colour Rosso Reubens.

Pictured below right – NudaSlim bench basin in colour Petrolio

Bloom Basins

Bloom created by Angeletti-Ruzza Design, is a console washbasin of incomparable elegance, characterised by a large and slender counter. The washbasins in this collection come in various sizes: 105 and 120 cm and two new options, 70 and 85 cm, in both the suspended and the cabinet versions. Available in 11 beautiful colours.

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Pictured right – Bloom wall mounted basin in Gloss White.