Valdama Basin Collections

Located in the ceramic district of Viterbo in Italy, Valdama was founded by Daniele Vitali in 2005. Valdama’s exclusive products are designed by creative artisans who specialise in the production of elite ceramic basins. The company is proudly a certified member of Ceramics of Italy and uses contemporary designs and innovative technology to produce exclusive and original Italian made products with distinctive designs that challenge that of industry stereotypes.

Cameo Collection

Cameo, the ancient art of extracting shape from material, revealing elegant contours and delicate reliefs, to outline a symbol and design, created by Prospero Rasulo. A collection of washbasins that interprets the archetypal forms of geometry, transferring them to craftsmanship and to creating unexpected elegance. With hidden overflow, the design stands at the forefront for this beautiful basin collection.

Acquerello Collection

The latest design from Prospero Rasulo, Acquerello is a two-colored washbasin that introduces a sophisticated and intriguing chromatic play in the usual type of washbasin to the bathroom. It is an open project that can be personalised for chromatic and decorative customization to suit individual colour schemes. With eleven colours to mix and match, the washbasin + Tavolozza drain-cover combination provide creativity in design possibilities.

Pictured right: Acquerello Basin

Seed Collection

The Seed collection designed by Prospero Rasulo is created using advanced manufacturing techniques to create a thin 3mm rim creating a sublime sculpture that cradles functionality and beauty. This organic artistic object, with its smooth curved lines and sloping sides, create an oval shape ready to embrace and embody. Available in six sizes and a broad range of eight colours.

Pictured above: Seed Basin

Trace Collection

Designed by Gianni Veneziano and Luciana Di Virgilio the Trace collection presents an assortment of lines cutting through the surface of the ceramic basin. This distinctive artistic sculpture with its gentle elements and embedded lines form a stylish alternative to contemporary basins. Offering round, square and rectangular forms the Trace collection is available in a selection of seven colour choices.

PIctured below: Trace Basins

Valdama’s iconic basin collections are designed by head designer Prospero Rasulo who utilises his artistic and design qualities to produce exquisite Valdama products. Enforcing the company as an industry leader and enhancing its objective of re-designing the bathroom vision. Prospero Rasulo collaborates with fellow Valdama designers including Monica Marzano, Gianni Veneziano and Luciana Di Virgilio who together combine their extensive artisan knowledge to produce excellent designer-led products which are the most distinctive and innovative basins on the market. Valdama has utilised new shape modeling potentialities to create simplistic and organic sculptural basins.

With the use of traditional techniques used to produce the washbasins, including following every single piece from its creation to its moulding phase by their certified and qualified supervisors. This unique and personalised production provides Valdama a competitive advantage, therefore, allowing them to satisfy their client’s individual needs with the creation of personalised and distinctive pieces.

Cut Collection

The Cut collection featuring a countertop basin with its square and rectangular streamlined lines and thinly cut angled edged profile. The elevated platform, with its raised support surface, provides an internal shelf for a raised yet internal tap holder. This unique sculptural basin and cutting designer look produces a less is more approach offering the choice of three sizes and shapes with eight distinctive colours.

Track Collection

Offering a simple geometry the Track collection designed by Prospero Rasulo offers a modest linear edging whilst being contrasted by the softness of its ceramic material. The Track basin is offered in both square and rectangular contemporary shaping and is available in three different sizes and a range of eight designer colour choices.

Pod Collection

The Pod collection, by designer Prospero Rasulo, showcases countertop basin, inspired by curved edges and characterised by organic forms which are inspired by nature. A sophisticated project, that enables its curved like shell, to receive water which reflects the comfort and wellness of this element. Its four differing sizes and seven colour choices meet both aesthetic and functionality needs.

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