Incasso Cisterns

Simplified installation & service

Introducing the innovative Incasso Cisterns by PARISI, specifically designed to enhance performance and simplify the installation, maintenance, and servicing of concealed toilet cisterns in both residential and commercial setting.

The Incasso Cisterns are thoughtfully designed for compatibility and adjustability, offering flexible construction options to meet various installation requirements.

Self-Cleaning solutions

PARISI Incasso Cisterns have a fully insulated tank, which minimises noise and condensation. Less noise transfer makes this cistern perfect for ensuites or when a bedroom or hotel room backs onto the bathroom wall.

The cistern also features an innovative self-cleaning inlet valve designed to remove small debris during the filling process. The valve effectively disintegrates debris to prevent blockages and can be easily cleaned manually, reducing maintenance.

In addition, the inlet valve is designed to work effectively with recycled and tank water, promoting sustainability.


The versatile Incasso Cisterns operated mechanically or transformed into a pneumatic system using a conversion kit. This adaptability allows for easy installation and choice of PARISI Push Panel later, offering bathroom design flexibility.

Incasso Cisterns also feature an outlet valve with adjustable flow control, making them a perfect fit for rimless pans.

The range includes five new innovative Incasso Cisterns, equipped with identical components for easy servicing.

Installation Simplified

Incasso Cisterns offer flexible construction options to suit various installation requirements. The flush pipe can be adjusted post-installation for ease of trouble shooting in retrofit situations.

The adjustable vertical flush pipe can be trimmed to customise its height based on the room’s needs. The pipe has a flat base and can be easily fastened to a noggin using screws for convenient installation. Highlighting the one-piece flush pipe with an L-shaped construction with no external seals ensures protection against leaks and simplifies waterproofing during installation.

In addition, it comes with a post-installation flush pipe adjustment capability, enabling you to modify the flush pipe height by +/- 20mm after the wall has been closed. This functionality is valuable when the finished floor level differs from the original calculation or if there have been changes to the pan’s specifications after the tiled wall.

Another helpful feature is the adjustable flush volume control which assists with velocity of water spray, a beneficial addition for rimless pans.

Flawless integration

When aiming to achieve a contemporary and stylish appearance using vibrant and impactful colours, or if you prefer to establish a more peaceful and subdued atmosphere with gentle, muted shades, a Push Panel from the 400 series will flawlessly enhance your concept.

400 Series Push Panels are not just about style; they also ensure seamless integration with Incasso Cisterns and PARISI finishes throughout a collection of tapware, accessories, mirrors and doorware, guaranteeing a unified and aesthetically pleasing bathroom design.

With an extensive palette of colour options, homeowners and designers are empowered to express their creativity and view the toilet’s flush panel as a design element, elevating the bathroom’s overall aesthetic.

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