Flaminia App Basins

The soft lines and stunning colours of the App series of washbasins, created by the Flaminia Design Team, re-imagine the bathroom experience, in both the home and in the hotel industry, with a minimal, elegant and always contemporary look. Today this extensive collection is enriched with new elements with a perfectly round shape and a seductive oval design.

Pictured right - App round bench basin in colour Carbone.
Pictured below – App bench basin in colour Rosso Reubens red.

The thin edges and the minimization of the basin profiles demonstrate Flaminia’s great manufacturing capacity and guarantees the use of top quality ceramics. Consistent with Flaminia’s vision, these newly created colours are intended as a fundamental and indispensable element: from the natural tones of Milk that enhance the softness of the shapes to the material tones of Clay, and the deep shades of Petroleum to the intensity of rich Rosso Rubens red.

With the inclusion of 2 washbasins in the collection, the App line becomes one of the most complete: wall-hung and floor-mounted sanitary ware, shelves and bathtubs. The countertop washbasins, with extremely thin edges, are available in 2 sizes and made in the entire range of Flaminia colors.

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