Aqua Intelligent Toilet

A greener world

A sustainable and sophisticated solution for refined living.

We are proud to present a new approach to luxury living that embraces environmental consciousness.

Experience the ultimate in-home comfort and environmental responsibility with an Aqua Intelligent toilet.

Spa-vibes at home

Enjoy the luxury of a spa experience right in the comfort of your own home. The heated seats and water flow are temperature-controlled, offering a gentle and calming pulsation.

Additionally, PARISI have incorporated the warm air dry feature and a sensor night light to enhance the overall ambience and provide a truly relaxing experience even at night.

A greener way

Aqua Intelligent toilets are innovative solutions that seamlessly blend luxury with responsibility.

PARISI intelligent toilet systems enhance your bathroom experience while also promoting sustainability.

PARISI are proud to do our part in creating a greener world by reducing toilet paper usage and providing water-saving and smart power-saving features.

The aesthetic designs are adaptable and inclusive, ensuring everyone benefits from our commitment to well-being.

A fresh approach

Achieve a unique and invigorating personal hygiene experience with the ability to adjust the nozzle positioning to suit your individual comfort, allowing for both rear and lady wash.

The nozzle is equipped with self-cleaning UV sterilisation and odour extraction features, which prevent cross-infection and infuse a pleasant fragrance into your bathroom.

The rimless technology, paired with an easy clean anti-bacterial protection, offers complete hygiene and sanitation.

Make it a breeze

In addition to providing comfort and a greener world, PARISI also make it a breeze to operate.

PARISI seat control panel is integrated and equipped with various features for your convenience. You can also effortlessly use the remote control, which can be wall-mounted within reach.

PARISI have also included an adjustable template that simplifies the installation process and contains electrical and plumbing components.

Aqua Bidet Side Inlet Seat

Upgrade your exsiting toilet with the Aqua Bidet Side Inlet Seat. The innovative design eliminates the need for extra drilling by allowing you to install it on the side for electricity and plumbing. Enjoy all the features of comfort and personal hygiene.

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