Acquerello An Harmonious Blend of Shapes & Colours

What Prospero Rasulo designs are sculptural pieces not just basins and so the ability to do different colours and different combinations allows it to be classical or contemporary. It’s not limited to one application, it can be considered adaptable to many parts.

Prospero is foremost an artist, rather than a designer, he became a designer by default and he creates objects, but it is still sculptural – something that you can picture and something that can be used. The Acquerello concept is about harmony and the softness that allows us to live and live well, and not just a basin where you wash your hands.

Acquerello collection, designed by Prospero Rasulo for Valdama, revolves around a new basin with soft lines, shaped by the light, with no hard shadows.

Light slides over the surfaces in a fluid and natural way. Acquerello interacts with other design elements, to create harmonious combinations of shapes and colours within the home, just like in a painting.

These colourful beauties come with a cover plate, which lies over the drain with the option to mix and match colours. The cover plate brings a complete shape to the basin so that the parameters of the basin are open and once that’s placed in, it becomes a square format. By placing it in the basin you make it complete. Combine gloss and matt finishes in different colours for a unique look that belongs only to you!

Available in Australia exclusively through PARISI in 11 finishes, White or Black with a matt or gloss finish, Nuvola, Laguna, Tempesta, Basento, Zolfo with a matt finish and two new colours Oceano and Velato. 

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