Progressive Mirrors

Creating Ambience With Light

Progressive LED lighting functionality allows you to alternate between a warm or a cool light, changing the ambience and optimising for functionality in the space. Adjust the lighting to optimise for make up and shaving, then switch to relaxing ambience whilst showering or lounging in the bath.

Progressive mirrors also include a safety light feature for night vision.

Low power consumption from LED lighting means you can enjoy the ambience created by a back light mirror, helping to create a relaxing bathroom space.

Pictured below - Cameo Mirror in Brushed Brass

Pictured right - Acciaio Mirror in Fucile

Care and Maintenance

To clean this mirror, wipe it with a soft cloth or a lint free cloth that has been wrung out well, then rub the mirror gently with a
soft dry cloth. Please do not use window cleaner, or other cleaners with chemical agents. These may damage the silver coating and brown marks can result.

Poor ventilation, including steam and moistures will cause mirrors to naturally develop brown edging.

The warranty is subject to following the Care and Maintenance Instructions, also provided on the specification sheet and in the product packaging. Brown marks are not covered under warranty.

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