MyTop Porcelain

A Class Of Its Own

MyTop Porcelain provides a sophisticated natural finish to your home, inspired by materials such as marble, cement, resin, and metal.

This unique blend of craftsmanship and technology offers a sophisticated version of porcelain ceramic vanity tops, with greater purity, practicality, and timelessness.

Care and Maintenance

MyTop porcelain slabs are very practical and do not require any special cleaning methods.

Featuring excellent resistance to stains, heat, scratches, and abrasive agents. Cleaning is effortless with just hot water or neutral detergents and a soft cloth.

Stands The Test Of Time

Experience peace of mind knowing your Porcelain Ceramic surfaces are time-free, functional, and practical.

MyTop slabs feature a combination of Italian manufacturing processes and expert craft production technologies. The result is a compact surface with outstanding technical performance, strength, and safety - perfect for any home or commercial design need.

Perfect for contact with food and bathroom cosmetic products, MyTop Porcelain is hygienic, stainproof, mould-proof, and easy to clean. Plus, MyTop Porcelain is scratchproof, waterproof, and resistant to UV rays and all kinds of weather - for practicality and freedom without limits!

Unaffected by high temperatures, moisture and withstands UV rays making MyTop Porcelain the perfect material for bathroom (and kitchen) living spaces.

All this means maximum practicality and freedom, no limits to worry about or special care needed during daily use.

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