The Magic of Multi-wood

PARISI manufacture our furniture using premium moisture resistant material through ‘Multi-wood’ technology.

Multi-wood is a man-made material created compressing layers of hardwood together to form a single sheet of board. The results from such bonding technology, ensures longer lasting durability, less racking, less shrinkage and provides exceptional resistance to both water and moisture.

PARISI Multi-wood premium joinery provides peace of mind protection from general moisture, while simultaneously providing a far more aesthetically pleasing piece of bathroom furniture in the room.

Our Multi-wood technology acts as the base to multiple finishes, it is compatible with textured timber grain laminate, painted polyurethane, and natural timber veneers; which is used on both the external of the cabinetry and the internal drawers and doors for continuity.

PARISI have designed a combination of vanities, side units and mirrored cabinets with matching finishes for all your needs, creating the ultimate in bathroom sophistication.

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