Hidden Overflow System

Cameo Basins Theatrical Bathroom Minimalism

Striking yet refined, bold and yet comforting, the Cameo collection exemplifies modern and elegant bathrooms. Designed by Prospero Rasulo for Valdama, the basins are distinguished by the perimeter of their tops – a visual element that will frame associated items such as tapware and toiletries.

The name Cameo relates to the ancient art of delicacy extracting shape from material, characterised by clear contours and reliefs. The sense of a dramatic statement combined with revealed beauty is clearly present in the form of the basins that make up this extensive collection.

The Cameo Collection by Valdama makes a statement without being intrusive; embodying a design that is theatrical while also being unquestionably welcoming. The first of the Valdama Basin Collections that offer both counter-top and wall-hung options, several sizes also have an innovative integral, hidden overflow.  

Integral Hidden Overflow System

The integrated hidden overflow system available through selected Cameo and Cut basins operates as follows :

Push Down To Open
When the top of the plug and waste is pushed down in order to fill the bowl with some water, a small opening in the ceramic adjacent to the waste hole is discernible.

Water Fills The Bowl
This opening leads to a self-draining “up and down” channel in the ceramic that is concealed behind the bowl. As water accumulates in the bowl it also fills “up” the concealed channel to the same level.

Overflow Channel
When the bowl reaches full capacity and if the tap is left running, instead of water overflowing from the bowl and onto the bathroom floor it will flow across to the “down” part of the concealed channel.

Water Draining Outlet
Then it will flow out the opening at the other end of the channel and discharge through the waste outlet of the basin.

Concealed Design
With basins that have hidden overflows the risk of flooding is reduced while the styling is not impeded by a visible overflow hole that may be unsightly

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