Domiziani Fontana Basin

Code: D-100F

Domiziani’s workmanship is an expression of the technical and custom ability of its artisans, who form complex shapes and combinations with a strong, fluid and harmonious identity; like the hand of nature.

The process of working stone is divided into different phases, adapted to the specific properties of the material, which are all carried out by craftsmen in the Domiziani atelier: cutting, glazing, hand-decoration, vitrification and double firing at more than 1000 degrees.

The stone is covered with different enamels and hand-painted decorations for unique pieces in an assortment of size and shape.

Individual Domiziani basins are on display at selected retailers.

Domiziani Design Team
Black Bronze
Fire Clay Ceramic
Tap Hole Options: 
No Tap Hole
Width (mm): 
Height (mm): 
Depth (mm):