Tapware & Kitchenware

O’Rama: Italian, Sleek and Stylish

Making the ideal possible and perfection accessible, O’Rama Tapware by Newform represents a reinterpretation of simplicity as a means of expression.

The design process for the new mixer O’Rama, a search for balance between aesthetics and performance, went hand in hand with the awareness of present guidelines and with the inclusion of innovative technological features.



Creativity, imagination, a desire for innovation, new trends in interior design and consumer tastes: all helped to define the creation of O’Rama. Starting from a need for simplicity, comes a collection that is a synthesis of form and function.

O’Rama converts the wellness ritual in a practical proof of concept, among sinuous lines and a harmonious design, in a rational balance between formal contents and an innovative technological contribution.



The collection is a reinterpretation of a simplicity as a means of expression: simple to choose and use. O’Rama is composed of a solid structure reaching upward, with a design that highlights the product’s balanced, geometric lines.