Domiziani; Merging Nature & Art

Domiziani has been revolutionizing the perspective of stone for over 30 years. Their craft techniques are the result of careful research and in-depth knowledge: they involve the meticulous artistic workmanship of those who can see beyond,  transforming the unexpected into a formula of uniqueness.

In the heart of Italy, where ceramics are still a tradition and a passion preserved in the DNA of the region. Domiziani expresses their identity by merging nature and art into products that are loved all over the world.

Each project is unrepeatable: it brings with it the differences of natural materials, the touch of man and the hardening of fire, in an ensemble that makes every Domiziani piece inimitable.

The eclectic and resistant combinations of lava and volcanic stone are the results of processes that change form to the material through the idea, then fired in a kiln that fixes its identity.

Each Domiziani piece preserves the soul of the material and expresses it in all its facets.

Domiziani’s workmanship is an expression of the technical and custom ability of its artisans, who form complex shapes and combinations with a strong, fluid and harmonious identity; like the hand of nature.

The process of working stone and volcanic lava is divided into different phases, adapted to the specific properties of the material, which are all carried out by craftsmen in the Domiziani atelier: cutting, glazing,hand-decoration, vitrification and double firing at more than 1000 degrees.

The beauty and aesthetics of the designs are matched with incredible resistance to impact, scratching, heat, staining. Making Domiziani suitable for every environment. With its extraordinary strength, the lava stone and the other elements of the product can live, and last well both indoors and outdoors.


The incredible characteristics of the lava stone make it a highly suitable material: beautiful even in its natural form, the stone is covered with different enamels and hand-painted decorations for unique pieces in an assortment of size and shape.

Domiziani: Made in Italy, embodying the beauty of nature.

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